Last night, Sylvia and I went to Lesbian dance held in a large town near us. It is held once a month. We had gone one other time for New Year’s Eve. Last night, several of the women from the game night we attended a few weeks ago were there. I danced a few times, but not with Sylvia. She doesn’t like to dance. I still had a good time. It is nice to be out and be able to show affection towards Sylvia without the fear of someone saying something ugly to us.

I knew the women we sat with from the party. I felt like I have known them a long time, meaning I was very comfortable with being with them. I am usually a shy person, but found myself talking to people and having a good time. I am not a confident dancer, but had fun when I did dance!

One of the women there had her birthday party there. It was her 50th birthday so they played a song just for her. She danced to it as women put dollar bills in her clothing. It was fun to watch and everyone really enjoyed it. Sylvia and I left around 10:30. We crashed hard! It was definitely past our bedtime! I hope we can go back again next month, or the month after!


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