“I really have me a lesbian,” Sylvia stated about a week ago. We were in the garage and she was getting ready to leave. I had walked her out to her car and we shared a kiss. I decided to get a little extra and caressed her breast. She was a bit surprised because the garage door was up and anyone could have seen us, but she smiled and then said, “Well I really haveΒ me a lesbian.” I laughed and said, “what do you mean?” She then reminded me of all of my doubts in the beginning and how I was uncertain of what I wanted. She figured now that I was displaying my affection without worry, that I am truly a lesbian! We had a good chuckle over it, but it did get me thinking.

I am truly more comfortable with who I am. I am HAPPY! I feel like I am living the life I was supposed to have. I love my two boys and have no regrets on the decisions I made in the past. I can’t live like that, but I can live for the day and be happy that I have found myself.

I love falling asleep with Sylvia and waking up with her in the morning. I like that when I wake up night for a quick trip to the bathroom that I come back and find her there sleeping. She does mean so much to me and I do love her more that I can say! I really am a lesbian!


6 thoughts on “I Really Have Me a Lesbian

  1. Honey, that is sooooo awesome to hear! I think it is great and you truly are a lesbian πŸ™‚ And a great lesbian mom as well πŸ™‚ I really share your joy remembering when I came out as a lesbian mom, it was so terrific a revelation and an awesome feeling. Especially being completely accepting to open displays of affection with my lover. Congratulations!

  2. And the best thing about being a lesbian is the awesome sex with another woman πŸ™‚ All the lovemaking you can get in πŸ™‚ As often as you can πŸ™‚

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