We each have our own “baggage” that we walk around. We acquire baggage our whole life and it is sometimes hard to get rid of the baggage that doesn’t help us any longer. Baggage can interfere with all of our relationships, not just the one with our partner.

I am having to let go of some of my baggage. My ex husband was an excellent liar. I caught him in several lies and would forgive him, only to have him lie to me again. How could I be so naive. I am not saying that I don’t trust people, but it does make it hard. One thing I love about Sylvia is that we both agree that you should not lie and in the eight months we have been together she has never once lied to me and I have never lied to her. This makes it easier for me to let go of my baggage of mistrust.

My ex husband was also great at spending money or wanting to spend money we didn’t have. This makes me want to always be sure I have enough money. Also, for the last 18 months there has been no consistent child support and that makes it very difficult. My youngest has some medical issues and between the meds and doctor’s appointments I can spend quite a bit of money. Sylvia and I had a talk about finances yesterday. Money is an issue of mine that I need to improve on and learn to talk to her more about it. I have just never had someone in my life who really wanted to work with me instead of against me(ex husband!).

I am sure there is some other baggage that I carry around, but these two bags are my heaviest. They are getting lighter thanks to my relationship with Sylvia. I am happier than I have been in such a long time, and even the boys are benefitting from my happiness!

What baggage do you carry around with you?


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