We are continuing to have a good summer. We have had a few mornings we have had to get up early, but generally we lay in bed for about an hour after we wake up. We cuddle, talk, and sometimes enjoy some love-making! I took Ethan to the Rec center around 6:00 last night, got home around 7:00 and then cooked dinner. We ate around 7:45 when Sylvia got home. It is just so nice to not have to rush to get kids to bed or get work done. I also started a LONG book last night, but am excited to be reading it! I so enjoy reading!

Sylvia and I both stay busy with some work in the summer. She has a bit more than I do right now, but overall we find time! We are going to run to buy some blinds for the den this morning with some money we made at our garage sale! I am excited!

We leave on our vacation in about  four weeks! We are all excited about that! I hope everyone else is having a great summer!


3 thoughts on “Enjoying our Summer!

  1. You sound like you are having a terrific time, that first of the day kissing, cuddling, and love making certainly has to help 🙂


  2. Lots of time for a lot of lovemaking 🙂 I love giving oral first thing in the morning as it really starts the day off perfectly and is the perfect breakfast for me 🙂

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