So my dad invited us all over for Father’s Day yesterday. He has a pool so we would swim and eat hot dogs. My brother and sister would be there as well as my aunt and my step-mom’s mom. Sylvia usually has to work on Sunday afternoons, but her appointment cancelled so she was able to go with us.

The visit went really well. The entire family was very welcoming to Sylvia. I swam with the boys and my brother joined us. Jack looks up to him so much so I was glad that he came out and swam with us. Sylvia didn’t swim because she still hasn’t quite unpacked everything and wasn’t sure where her bathing suit  was.  She did sit on the side of the pool and put her feet in. My brother did a HUGE cannonball and managed to get Sylvia wet, but she took it in stride.

We ate a bit later and then my dad opened his gift! We then went home. Both Sylvia and I thought it went really well. Pretty much everyone in the family hugged us ALL good-bye!


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