Sylvia returned home yesterday from being gone for two nights. We spent some time just lying in bed yesterday afternoon and talking. It was so nice to have her home! My mom was in town so Ethan and I ran to meet her for dinner. Sylvia was tired from her drive so she decided to stay home and Jake just didn’t want to go.

Ethan and I returned home and I soon got him to bed. It was 9:00 by the time I got him in bed though so Sylvia and I were not too far behind him in going to bed. We lay in bed talking and then soon started kissing. I had started to make my move when she turned the tables on me and soon had me on my back making her move. I don’t know any other way to describe it without sharing too much. I am just not one who likes to share those kinds of details.

I didn’t mind that Sylvia made this move on me, in fact, I rather liked it. It is a little bit of dominance without being too hard-core. When I climaxed last night, it was such an overwhelming feeling. I felt so much love and felt so connected to Sylvia physically, mentally and emotionally. All I can say is it was “that feeling” that connects me to Sylvia. I held onto her and didn’t let go. She held me and we talked after a few minutes. This connection is so strong that Sylvia and I have. It is something that I have only experienced with her. It is something that I never want to give up. I love her so much!



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