Sylvia has a good relationship with both boys and has supervised them several times for short periods of times. She  even kept them overnight in May when I had to travel, but they were at school during the day so it wasn’t all day. Well, now I am out for the summer as are the boys. I had a two and a half day workshop this past week and she was home during part of the day with the boys.

Jack was the true baby sitter for Ethan during this time. The boys, for the most part, get along and I left a schedule for the day for Ethan. This was so he didn’t spend the whole day on the Wii. Sylvia was around working, but was also gone during part of this time. She did step in and assist if Ethan gave Jack a hard time. Now Ethan does have some special needs and can be quite argumentative at times. Lets just say that Sylvia got a crash course in parenting over these two and a half days. She did well and as always stayed calmer than me most times, but by Friday she was not happy with either boy. She had gone for a walk and Ethan had gotten into our room and into the closet, all under the eyes of his brother who was supposed to be watching him. Needless to say both boys got a talking to from me and lost some privileges.

Sylvia has helped me be a better parent. She is someone I can talk through things with when it comes to the boys and she is the voice of reason when I need it. I am sure we will have to cope with more parenting issues as they arise, but I think we are on the right track. I am lucky to have found someone who I love, who also loves me and my kids. Not many people want to be a step parent!


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