Sylvia and I have been discussing taking the boys on a short vacation this summer. We decided where we wanted to go and picked out the dates. We are going to stay two nights in a town about 5 hours from us that has a lot of tourist attractions. It is a German town with lots of good foods, shops and things for the boys to do. We will then go to see my sister for a night.

We had found a hotel, but then they were booked so Sylvia did her magic on the internet. She found an inn that had something like small houses for rooms. We figured we would have to get two rooms, but when I called they have a small house you can rent. It has two bedrooms and a small kitchen! Plus it is only $129 a night, which is about how much a hotel can cost in that area for one night! We are excited about it. This is also a place both boys have been to before and want to visit again!

I am off this summer, but had a two and a half day workshop this week, so really my summer began today. I am doing a side job that I can schedule as I like, but it isn’t too bad. I can work as much or as little as I want and I like making the extra money.

We also hope to take a few days here and there during the summer and take the boys to Legoland, and yes the 15-year-old will probably still like going there. There are few other places we want to visit and we want to find a few things for just US to do too!

I hope the summer doesn’t pass to quickly! I want to enjoy sleeping in and having time to cuddle and chat in bed!


6 thoughts on “We Planned our Family Vacation!

  1. 🙂 Cuddling in the morning and night is simply awesome, so much to truly enjoy, all the wonderful sensual lovemaking.

  2. Oh I wish we could have stayed in bed longer, but we both had things we had to do. We did go for our morning walk and have a nice breakfast together. We looked through the morning paper and discussed our day! The youngest made his own breakfast and did well until we got up.

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