Being a teacher, I am off for the summer. I do have a few workshops over the next few weeks, and I do work a part time job that I can schedule as I please. Sylvia is still working, but she manages her own schedule! We are planning a short vacation with the boys at the end of July. I am also hoping we can plan a few day or half day trips to some things near us. There is a new Lego Land at a mall that we want to take Ethan to visit.

The boys and I both enjoy swimming so we will be at my dad’s house quite a bit! It is definitely hot enough!

We also hope to enjoy sleeping in a bit more than we do during the school year. We both enjoy waking up with NO alarm and just laying in bed in the morning and talking before we get up. We do this on school mornings but we only have about 15 minutes or so. This morning we lay in bed talking and cuddling for at least 45 minutes. It makes for such a nice start to the day!

Oh I have to(well don’t have too, but will anyway) tell y’all a funny story. I decided to buy a new swimsuit. Lets just say my older suits just don’t fit anymore. So I got a Land’s End catalog in the mail and they had a sale and free shipping. I found  a top I liked and a skirt type bottom. It looks like a one piece once you get it on. So it arrives in the mail and I decide to try it on real quick. I try on the top and it fits, no problem. I take out the skirt and go to put it on and well it was JUST a skirt. There was no “panty” part of it so if I wore it alone, there would be nothing really OVER that area, meaning I would basically flash everyone. I just died laughing.  I got the Land’s End catalog back out and found the panty section of swimsuits and ordered that part. Thankfully, I still had free shipping. Sylvia thought this was a pretty funny story too.


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