So we got up yesterday morning and headed out around 9:00 to go to a medieval type of fair. It was about an hours drive and we arrived to a busy parking lot. We made our way in and started checking out different booths. Now, Jack had not been very excited about getting up before eleven in the morning to go to this thing, but he soon started enjoying himself.

We got to see a jousting event and a chess game played with real people on a chess board. We went into one booth that could look up your last name and print out your coat of arms. Jack was very interested in that so he bought it with his money with a little help from me. He also found a cool hat and bought it. Ethan wanted EVERYTHING he saw. He had some birthday money left and so he got a wooden sword and shield.

We ate a nice lunch and walked a LOT. It was quite hot and we downed a lot of water. It really was a nice day together. Jack seemed to stick with Sylvia quite a bit and they really talked some. Ethan was either with me or Sylvia the whole time. We left around 4:00….very tired.

We all slept quite HARD last night and I can feel all the walking in my legs today. I think it was a great first outing for us as a family and we will soon be planning a short vacation together.


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