If you have read my blog you have read about my “Happy Attacks” when Sylvia and I first started dating. I haven’t experienced this overwhelming feeling in quite some time….that is until today. It wasn’t as quite as bad, and they really aren’t bad, they are a good thing.

I have been more emotional than usual in the last week or so and I think it is because Sylvia and I have taken some more “baby steps” that have made it possible to reach our ultimate goal. She is pretty much completely moved in. She moved the last of her large items this past week and only has a few more things to move in. 

These “moments” as I call them, I believe, are my realization of how much I love her. I much I treasure the time we have together and value our relationship. I am a worrier, and worry that I will “screw things up” in this relationship and maybe that is why I have these moments. All I know, is that I am happy to be with her. I am happy at how our family has come together.

We are taking the boys to a Medieval type of fair this Saturday. It will be our first real outing as a couple with both boys. I am happy that Sylvia sees us as a family. She is wonderful with the boys and has helped me become a better parent.

I hope these “moments” continue because it brings us closer as a couple. I don’t ever want to take what we have for granted!


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