I have found that it is the “little things” that mean a lot to me in my relationship with Sylvia. Now yea, there are some “big things” like our first time chatting on the phone, first time we met, first time we were “together”, and of course, her moving in. Those are huge steps in our relationship that we got to by taking baby steps.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well. I have been having some cramps, either related to my monthly cycle or to my stomach. I went and laid across the bed and Sylvia was on the computer in our room. She almost immediately asked me what was going on and came over to lay down next to me. When I told her she got up and got me some midol and water. We laid there and chatted until I felt a little better.

We went to bed later and she asked me how I was feeling. As we laid there talking, I started thinking about all the “little things” she does for me. These “little things” really aren’t that little. Sylvia is showing me that she cares about me in how she responds to me. I hope that I show her in these “little” ways that I love her. I think I do, I hope I do and I am going to be more aware of this and be sure that I am taking care of her as well as she takes care of me.

One other thing I really enjoy about our relationship is we always take time to cuddle at night and in the morning. Even if it is only for ten minutes, we lay in bed and chat about the day we had or in the morning, about our plans for the day. I enjoy this closeness that we have.  It is something that I never really ever had withy anyone before and it keeps our relationship strong….in my opinion!

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