Sylvia has moved in quite a bit of her things, but she has more to bring. She sold her previous computer desk after buying a new one for this house. She has two book cases to bring over with all of the things that go in the book-case. I am having the new 32 inch TV mounted on the wall to give us more room in the bedroom.

We have got to get out into the garage and figure out where to put all of her things. We would both like to have her all moved in by the end of the month. Of course, with both of us working full-time that is hard. She also works on weekends and I am working a part-time job on the weekend. I am going to get Jack to help me in the garage on Sunday to make more room for her things.

Otherwise things are going well. We are still learning a lot about each other and I need to work on ignoring my iPhone. I tend to let my full-time job creep into my life when I am not at work. I told Sylvia that for the last two years the job  and the boys have been my focus, and I need to learn to leave work at WORK. Of course, emergencies do arise, but I have let work become too much of my focus, even at the boys’ expense! 

We are all ready for summer break to get here and are considering a small family vacation. Counting the days!!


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