How do you define a family? To me, it is a group of people who could be related by blood or by   marriage. That is how I always pictured a family when I was growing up. As I grew older and my horizons broadened I realized a family may be one with children being raised my grandparents or other family members. As homosexuality became came into everyday society more I realized that  there were more and more families with gay parents and my perspective changed. As a teacher, I see so many different types of families.

My family used to consist of a dad, mom and two sons. My family became a single mom household when my husband decided he wanted his freedom(a whole story I am not interested in getting into). Now I am a family with my partner, Sylvia, and my two sons. It has been a family in the making over the last few months, but I truly feel we are coming together as a family.

Sylvia did a great job keeping the boys while I was out of town.  Last night, Sylvia, Ethan and I went for a walk around the block. When I asked Elijah if he wanted to go for a walk he immediately asked if Sylvia would be going with it. While we were walking, I had to stop and tie my shoes, and the other two kept walking.  A small dog approached them barking and it spooked Elijah and he grabbed Sylvia’s hand and held it for quite some time as we walked. He wanted to walk ahead and so he got ahead of us and again later as we walked, he took Sylvia’s hand. It was very sweet to see. As soon as I pick him up from the sitter’s house he wants to know where Sylvia is and when she will be home. I think he is starting to realize that she is not going to be leaving us and he can trust her.

Things are going well with Jack and Sylvia too. He is four years older than his brother and definitely a teenager. They both like to tease each other and Sylvia gives me good advice on how to handle things with him. When I came back from my trip, I asked Jack how things went with Sylvia. He looked at her and said, “well, I guess it went OK.” He had a huge grin on his face. She responded with, “hey, be nice, I may have to keep you again one day.” Both of them started laughing. We don’t see Jack a lot. Many times he is in his room, keeping to himself, but when he does show his face he is very eager to talk to both of us!

I am very happy with Sylvia. I am very happy with my family. I couldn’t ask for much more!


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