Sylvia and I each started putting $10 in a jar each week a few weeks ago. That way, when we wanted to go out we would have some cash to spend. One of us always picked up the tab when we went out in the past, but this way we know we have the money to go out and we don’t have to figure out who paid last.

We decided to go to a place called The Cotton Patch. We had about a twenty-minute wait and then sat down to a nice dinner. We ordered blackberry clobber for desert. We were both stuffed when we left. We arrived home and found Ethan eating a frozen pizza he had microwaved and cut up himself. That was a first for him and YES I did feed the boys before we left!!

We are now sitting here debating the temperature of the house. Still a sticking point with us, even with the new programmable thermostat, but we are doing better. Sylvia also gave her roommate her 30 days notice and has almost all of her stuff moved in! Things continue to go well and we are both very happy!!!


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