So I couldn’t think of a witty title for this blog, so I just titled it as you see it. I am almost out of sick time at work and mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to take half a day to take Jack to the orthodontist. I then mentioned that all I had to do was drop him off and I figured I would go to the book store or something and kill some time while I waited. Sylvia asked a few questions and then said, “Why can’t I just take him?” We discussed it and she said she would do it.

Last week I added her to the list of contacts at Jack’s school so she could check him out and she took him today. Jack didn’t protest when I told him the plan. He and Sylvia get along well. She hung out at the bookstore and when he was done he walked down to the book store and found her.

The nice thing was this was Sylvia’s idea. It wasn’t something that I pushed on her, she wanted to do it. This shows me that we truly are partners and she is the right person not just for me but for my family. We are a family! Next week I have to travel and will be gone for one night. Sylvia is going to pick Ethan up from the sitters and take care of the boys that night and get them off to school the next day. We discussed this a while back and Sylvia was eager to help with the boys.

I also wanted to add, that my mom and I spoke the other night. She actually said that both boys seem very happy and that Jack seems VERY HAPPY and SECURE. This at least lets me know that she is more accepting of my relationship with Sylvia than I thought.


2 thoughts on “Sylvia takes Jack to the Orthodontist!

  1. Establishing a “new” family is hard in any case, but it sounds to me like your well on your way! It’s great that your sons are happy…that’s the most important thing. Everything else should just fall into place on it’s own.

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