If you read my last post you know my mom really irritated me. We did go eat dinner with her and my brother’s family. Now, this was out of everyone’s control, but we waited 90 minutes to get a table, when we were told 20-30 minutes. IT is a long story,and really wasn’t the restaurant’s fault. They had a limited number of large tables and one of these tables guests sat and talked and talked after completing their meal.

It really wasn’t too bad, but the whole time I am watching out tha there isn’t too much PDA between me and Sylvia. This added to my stress. After writing my post yesterday, I cried in Sylvia’s arms. I had thought things were improving with my mom. I had forgotten to write yesterday that my mom had criticized my housekeeping skills on Thursday. I think all of my frustration was just right there on the edge of my feelings. Once we did sit at the table, things were better.

Sylvia and I had discussed taking the boys and visiting my mom, but  doubt it now. I don’t want to be on edge the whole time.


2 thoughts on “That dinner with my family!

  1. Don’t let any criticism from your Mom get you down; Mom’s are like that! just wave it off and push it out of your mind, you’ve got nothing that you need to prove. Rather, she needs to prove herself to you and Sylvia.


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