So in the last two weeks, I have come out to four more people at work. These are people who I have known for a long time, and I felt I was hiding a part of myself from them. They are people I trust to keep my confidence and not share this news with anyone. Each of them has done very well with the news and have told me that if I am happy then that is all that matters. One of them even said, “I had noticed in the last few months that you seemed very happy. I was wondering what was going on with you!” It was nice to see that others see how happy I am. I still plan on being careful, but at least with these people I can be who I am. I can share news about my life that involve Sylvia and not have to lie.

On another topic, my mom seems to be doing better with my switch. She knows Sylvia pretty much already lives here and will be all moved in by the end of May. She listens more and thinks before she talks. I don’t feel defensive when I talk to her anymore. No, I don’t share everything with her, but enough that she knows I am happy. She knows the boys are happy. That is all that matters to her at this point, I think.

I am curious what others do about sharing this part of their life with others? Do you live life as an open lesbian or keep that part of yourself to yourself?


2 thoughts on “More on Coming Out!

  1. Funnily enough, the question has hardly ever arisen. I’ve only told one person openly that I’m a Lesbian and that was because he kept on coming on to me, and it was mixed in with a few choice indications of what I thought of his prowess too. Aside from that, even though I’ve been living with my lover for several months and am openly Lesbian on my Blog and elsewhere around the cyberworld, there has been no need. I tend to look upon the whole as: if a hetero doesn’t need to come out, why should I?


  2. I see your point. I wouldn’t run around telling people I was dating a man. I just know if someone finds out I am dating, they will assume it is a man since I was married before. I am finding it easier to tell people. Today I mentioned I was dating to someone and then said, “the boys like HER” not stressing the her but just saying it. She realized it and didn’t act shocked or anything. It was nice to just have it come out like that.

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