So things continue to go well for Sylvia and me. We finished putting together her new desk today that goes in our bedroom. She decided she wanted a new desk over moving her other desk in. We cleaned out two more closets here so we can make more room and just in general do some spring cleaning. Our goal is that she be completely moved in by the end of May.

We have a nice stash of things to sell in a garage sale this summer and are making tentative plans to take the boys on a small vacation. We are really making a good life together and for our family. In a few weeks she will watch both boys for me overnight while I travel for business. She will get them both off to school also! She is riding with me and Ethan on Monday so she can see where he goes to school and also meet the sitter on that afternoon. Jack rides the bus to and from school so he is pretty easy to take care of. I think they will do well, both boys really like Sylvia. I’ll have to let you all know how it goes!!


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