It finally happened! Sylvia and I can just go to sleep at night and really just sleep. Meaning, we can actually keep our hands off of each other! ha! Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a very active sex life, but we can actually just lay together in bed, chat and then cuddle up and go to sleep. Oh and I sleep better when Sylvia is here. The other night we had a bad thunder-storm and I woke up. She noticed and we chatted for a minute. I told her I didn’t like storms and she held me even tighter. We have our own routine at night when we go to sleep and how we cuddle. It is really nice and something I look forward to every night.

I never had this with my ex husband. He always worked odd ball hours and we never went to bed at the same time. He also snored so loud that I couldn’t sleep when we did go to sleep at the same time. I just never felt as close to him as I do to Sylvia. I think it was because I just wasn’t meant to be with a man.

Not to share too much, but when it comes to sex with a woman, I enjoy it so much more than I did with a man.  There are things I look forward to when it comes to the bedroom. I don’t want to share too much. I’ll just say things are good in that department!


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