Just an update on how the kids are doing. Jack is really starting to make a connection with Sylvia. He comes out and eats a snack with us at night and has real conversations with us. Tonight, I picked him up from his job refereeing a soccer game and he asks, “Is Sylvia home?” Sometimes Sylvia will tease me about not finishing all the food on my plate and Jack will jump in and say, “yea mom clean your plate.” Ethan had already made this connection with Sylvia, so it is nice to see that Jack is making this same connection.

Sylvia is still moving her things in and we are hoping to have her all moved in by the end of May. I have to travel for an overnight trip in May and Sylvia is going to take care of the boys for me.

I think the kids are doing great and am pleased at how well things are going.


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