I am sure Sylvia knows how much I lover her. I try to show her everyday when we interact and support her when she is down. Do I tell her enough, do I show her enough….how do you show someone how much you love them? It has to be more than words.

I try to show Sylvia by holding her hand when she is upset or just holding her. By listening to her when she just needs to talk or laughing when we are having a good time. Sometimes I tease too much and that is a skill I need to work on. There is still a lot we need to learn about each other. I do know if we keep the lines of communication open that we can achieve anything we want, that we can continue to learn about each other and what works and doesn’t work.

How do I know I lover her? I know because I would do anything for her. I know because I have never felt like this about anyone that I have been with. I know because I try to put her needs before mine. I know because she makes me a better person. She listens to me when I talk. She supports me when I need it. I know because I trust her with anything and everything. I just hope I show her enough, that I tell her enough…. I never want to take her for granted!


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