There is a group that meets ever few months in a town near us for lesbians. I joined the group online soon after deciding to make the switch, but hadn’t been to any functions as of yet. I later found out that Sylvia is also part of this group. We get emails about different functions and the latest was a karaoke night at someone’s home.

Forty women signed up to come and about thirty showed up. Everyone was asked to bring some food and boy did we eat! We all sat around and chatted and then the music started. Oh did we have fun. There were some really fun songs we all sang together and many jokes that were made during different songs. The nice thing was everyone was in about our age and we all liked the same kind of music and understood the same jokes. It was also nice to just sit there with Sylvia, holding hands and sharing a kiss.  It was also very nice to be out without the kids!

This was my second event to attend with Sylvia and I have to say it was a lot of fun. I hope we have many more events to attend together!! Next time I’ll have to take some wine coolers with me so I can build up some courage to sing…maybe!


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