Sylvia and I are making progress in many ways! My oldest, Jack, has started coming out of his room and spending time with us. He will eat a snack with us at night and we enjoy a good conversation. He will even take Sylvia’s side on some things and they will both tease me. It is nice to see him begin a good relationship with her. He and I have had a few chats about her moving in and he really seems good with it. NOW, the rest of the family thinks it will warp his mind, but I think not!!

Sylvia is slowly moving her clothes over here as well as a few other things. She ordered a new computer desk that should come in over the next few days. We will get it put together and then we can get her computer and the rest of her office things moved over. I am not sure of the timeline, but we are definitely making progress and moving forward. I am excited to begin this new part of our relationship!!


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