“Boys kiss girls,” is what Ethan yelled at me yesterday morning. He was sitting in the car waiting for me to drive him to school. I went to give Sylvia a good-bye kiss and I hear, “Don’t kiss Sylvia mom!” I asked why and he replied, “Boys kiss girls!” He was grinning when he said that. Now he is a lot younger than Jack and very immature for his age. I did go ahead and give Sylvia a kiss and we both went our way.

As we were driving to school I talked to Ethan about my relationship with Sylvia. I told him that I loved Sylvia like I used to love his dad and that she would live with us. He would have two mommies soon and that Sylvia loved him a lot. He is always asking where Sylvia is when she works late. I know he likes her because they play and tease together at times.

Of course, Ethan is too young to really understand how relationships work or that there are many different kinds of relationships we have as we go through life. There is parent and child, then parent and teen, teen and first love, relationships with other family members and so on. For now, I think we are good. I’ll just keep talking to him about it!!

Update on moving in, Sylvia is slowly moving her things into the house. I am making more room for her and things are going well. We ordered two night stands that arrived today. Now we just have to get them put together!


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