Sylvia and I were exhausted last night after two days of really working in the bedroom. We had finished painting on Friday after running errands in the heat for two hours. On Saturday we ran errands again, ate dinner and then hung blinds! The painting had really made us both sore!

We both just wanted to SLEEP so that is what we did. Now one area that Sylvia and I are still working on is compromising about the temperature in the house. She doesn’t like air blowing directly on her, so we don’t use the ceiling fan. I like to have the house really COLD and she doesn’t. She doesn’t like the heat, just doesn’t want it FRIGID in the house! Last night, we both sort of woke up around 1:00 in the morning and we just couldn’t fall back asleep. We lay there talking and well, I made a move and before you know it we were making love. It was SO nice. However, afterwards I was really HOT and couldn’t get comfortable. We talked and I went and turned the AC down some. She buried under the covers and I laid with NO covers. We both fell asleep and about an hour later I went and turned the AC up a tad because it was even chilly for me.

I think this is an area we are going to have to work on. I may have to get a small oscillating fan to put on ME in the summer to stay cooler. In the winter it is not an issue, or it was LESS of an issue! I figure if this is our biggest problem, then we have no worries, we love each other too much to let this come between us! I’ll keep y’all posted. Anyone else have things that you and your partner can’t seem to agree on?


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