Ethan and I made it to the airport in plenty of time. It was a good thing too, because my app on my Iphone for the airline told me the wrong terminal. I found the correct terminal and then we found the area for international flight arrivals. We were there about 15 minutes, when I received a text from Sylvia that she was headed to customs.

Someone else who was waiting for the same flight noticed me looking for the information and so we sat and chatted. She was very nice! I soon saw Sylvia come through the doors and Ethan and I went to meet her. I was surprised at how fast she came through customs! Ethan yelled her name to get her attention and she turned excited to see us

We drove back to my house to drop off her things. We then left the boys and went over to her place for her to check her mail and do a few things. I laid on the bed while she sorted through some things and was told I was tempting her! That made me smile. We did make out for a bit on her bed, but soon headed back to my house. We stopped and grabbed something quick to make for dinner.

We have fed the kids and she is doing a little work on the computer while I type up this blog. We are hoping to get to bed early tonight!! wink wink 🙂


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