Today has been the hardest by far. Sylvia did call me early this morning, which was very nice. I hadn’t slept well, but needed to get up and shower. It was so nice to hear her voice this morning.
My morning went well, but after talking to someone realized I had ordered some wrong equipment. It took me 30 minutes to find Out how to return it and another 20 minutes to find out what I needed to order. I hate making these kinds of mistakes. Sylvia called during all of this and I did not answer, I had to handle this situation. I texted her when I was done.

She called me about 20 minutes later. I was back in my office and so glad to hear her voice. I had one of my “moments” getting all quiet on her. Just stress of work and her being gone. Talking to her helped. We talked for a bit then I had to go. She said she will call later tonight.


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