So I made it through the night without Sylvia. I took two Tylenol PM to help me sleep and that pretty much knocked me out. My alarm went off at 5:25 this morning and about ten minutes later I received a text. IT WAS FROM SYLVIA! She said she had arrived and would be taking  a train to her parent’s home. I texted her back that I was happy to hear from her and that I loved and missed her! She texted one more time that she would call me later. I had given her a list of times I was not available due to meetings so she would know when I was available.

She wasn’t able to call before my first meeting, so after I was all done I texted her that I was done and she called a bit later. OH it was so good to hear her voice. I don’t like to get emotional, if I can help it, so I managed to NOT cry but it was not easy. I was so excited to talk to her and hear her voice. The hardest part was saying good-bye. We chatted for a bit and then we did finally have to say good-bye.

I texted Sylvia on my way home that I could talk after 4:30 or so my time and sure enough she did call me. She had been asleep, since it is late night where she is but she had woken up and seen my text and decided to call. We talked for about 15 minutes. Ethan was in the car with me and he yelled that he missed Sylvia too. When we got to our garage he yelled, “We are taking care of your car Sylvia!” She was excited to hear from him!! She said she would try to call me again this evening. She is happy to be home to see her parents though and I am glad that she was able to go and see them! That doesn’t mean I am not counting the days until she returns. I am a bit emotional right now, and in a few days it may be harder not to cry!


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