I don’t usually write twice in one day, but Sylvia is leaving today. We will leave in just over an hour for the airport. Both boys will ride with us to the airport, then I’ll walk her in. I have already shed a few tears since last night. This feeling is so new to me. When I was with my ex husband, I never had this feeling if either one of us traveled. Maybe it is because she is going out of the country and for about 12 hours I won’t be able to have any contact with her. Maybe it is just because I love her so much! I think it is both really.

She comes back a week from tomorrow. I will be trying not to count the days until then and I am sure the day she comes home will be the hardest, because it will be a matter of hours by then.

I am off that whole week she comes home and she has some work she has to do. I have a few projects, one of those being starting on the bedroom. We have chosen a color that we like so I may go and buy the things we will need to start painting the bedroom.

I may write more tonight to let you all know how the send off went at the airport. I have a feeling there will be tears.


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