So the boys and I drove Sylvia to the airport this afternoon. She flew out of the country to visit her family.  I have not been out to the airport in a few years and that was an adventure in itself.  We found the terminal, I parked the car and walked her in. I left the boys in the car because I knew I couldn’t stay too long and I wanted our good-bye to be private, or at least as private as it can be in an airport.

We found a restroom, because me and my bladder almost always need a break after a long drive. We then stayed in an area that wasn’t very populated with people. We talked and Sylvia teared up. We hugged several times. I had cried last night some and even today a little bit. I don’t like crying in public and was able to hold myself together. We kissed several times, which was so nice. I walked her to the area where she needed to check in. We hugged one more time, exchanged “I love you” and I turned to leave. I turned around once and waved as Sylvia was looking at me. I turned again, but she was looking towards the ticket stands.

It was so hard to walk away from her. I walked to the car, but managed not to cry. I texted Sylvia, “I love you!” to which she replied that she loved me too. I also texted that I already  missed her! The boys and I drove to a Best Buy because Jack wanted to look at a few things and I figured it would be a good distraction, and it was. Sylvia and I texted for about an hour until she finally boarded the plane and had to turn off her phone.

I have managed to keep myself busy most of the evening until now. I am really starting to miss her and I have a feeling I’ll need some Tylenol PM to sleep tonight. Sylvia and I have been apart for a few days before, but not where we couldn’t communicate for any long length of time. At the earliest, I’ll hear from her around six tomorrow morning. That is if she can use her sister’s phone to text me. If she can’t then I’ll have to wait until she gets to her parents’ home to call me. Thank goodness for cell phones.

I am really missing her this evening. I’ll write tomorrow afternoon when I get home and let y’all know how I did this evening with going to sleep and getting through the day tomorrow. I have come close to crying a few times, but for now I haven’t let it all out yet. I know she will be home in a week and we have a lifetime together. Next time, I’ll have to make plans to go with her!


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