I am very pleased to say that both boys are doing well and seem to like Syliva. Ethan is so cute. I asked him to go and unlock the back garage door last night. Sylvia has a garage door opener, but no key yet. This morning when I walked her out she pointed out that he had moved a small stop sign in the garage for her to use so she would know where to stop the car. It is usually in front of my space where my car goes. She also said that when she arrived the garage door was open. Now Ethan is afraid of going out into the garage, so this was HUGE that he did these small things for her.

Last night, Jack came out to eat a snack. I walked into the back to do a few things and Sylvia said she and Jack talked for a bit. They didn’t talk about anything in particular, just small talk. Later as all three of us walked to the back Jack said, “hey mom have you shown Sylvia the stealth cat video on youtube.” Now this may not seem like a big thing, but he rarely talks to either one of us, so to ask me point blank something about Sylvia is a huge step. He seems very happy right now and secure in the house.

It has been almost two years since the divorce. The first year was just awful and I am sure both boys worried if we could make it financially. The second year started off better and since having Sylvia come into my life(our lives) things have only improved.

I am happy that both boys have accepted our relationship. I am sure we will have our challenges, but doesn’t any family!


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