One thing that has always concerned me about “switching teams” is how my two boys would handle it. Ethan has taken to Sylvia very well. He misses her when she is gone and asks about her. It took time, but it happened! Jack is a bit older and doesn’t even interact with me much! He is such a teen. Things have been better between him and me, not that they were bad, but he is communicating with me more and doing well in school. He has also started coming out and spending time with both me and Sylvia. Well, last night while we were eating dinner Jack asks me, “So is Sylvia coming HOME tonight?” I was quite surprised. He has never asked about her before or used the word home with her. It made me feel quite good for him to think of this as Sylvia’s home. I have been talking to him and letting him know that she will move in with us at some point in the next few months. I have even talked to Ethan about it. I figure if I keep talking about it, then it won’t be such a surprise when it does happen. I am glad to see that Jack is beginning to consider Sylvia as part of our family.


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