Sylvia will be home today. It will be around 7PM before she gets home, but that is fine with me…..I am just glad she is coming home! Ethan has done well. He asked me last night about when she would be coming home and I reminded him it would be Saturday(tomorrow, which is now today).

I have a busy day and that will keep my mind off of watching the clock. We did text early on Friday morning and again this morning when we woke up. I find it harder to wake up without her then to fall asleep. I don’t like falling asleep without her, but I really DON’T like waking up without her!

We talked several times yesterday and I am sure that we will talk again today. She misses me too, of course, and is looking forward to coming home. Having some time apart isn’t a bad thing. We laughed last night that we may be getting MORE sleep apart than together!!

We have another week together and then she leaves for a week. I’ll miss her, but I know we can get through the time apart!


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