Sylvia left yesterday for two nights to visit her friend that lives about ninety minutes away. It is a friend she regularly visits and enjoys spending time with. I will miss her, but it is good practice for when she leaves in about nine days. She will be gone for a week! She has not seen her family in quite some time…..a really long time, and she needs to go. I want her to go! It would be selfish to keep her to myself all the time. Plus, I think this time apart will affirm how much we love for each other. I know she loves me and she knows I love her. We will talk as much as we can and be ever so happy to see each other when she returns.

I teased her and told her she must RUN to me when she gets off the plane. It will be like the movies….there will be music and her hair will blow in the wind! We will run towards each other and embrace….that is if one of us doesn’t trip!!! We had a good laugh about that!

I worry some about Ethan. When I was speaking to Sylvia last night, I needed to go and tuck him into bed. He was already in bed watching TV, but needed to turn the TV off. I asked him if he wanted to say good night to Sylvia and he did. He talked to her for a minute, but sounded so sad. She was very sweet with him and said she would be home on Saturday.  I took the phone and I told him I loved him and he said, “I love you Sylvia.” She heard him and she said, “I love you Ethan.” I told him what she said and he was happy. We are going to have to explain to him about her traveling and being gone for a week. Sylvia and I think it is funny that when she is here, he doesn’t seem to give her the time of day, but he is always wondering where she is when she isn’t here. I think he likes the security of knowing that there is someone else around to help take care of. She is also very good with him and always talks to him and gives him some attention. It will be good for him too. He will learn to trust that people who are important in his life do come home!

This time apart will be another relationship test, I think, but one that we will do fine with. It will give me things to blog about that is for sure!


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