Sylvia’s birthday was yesterday. I had gotten her a cake and a gift. We had talked a while back about not buying each other birthday presents but rather put the money into the house. We want to paint our bedroom and do some other things. About a week ago though, while walking her out I thought about getting her a garage door opener. When she comes to the house, she texts me when she is close and I go out and open the garage door. I then wait for her and help her in with her things. I thought it would be nice for her to have her own garage door opener, because then she wouldn’t have to text me when she was close and it would just be more convenient.

I bought the garage door opener and kept it hidden for a week. I also programmed it and made sure it worked with the door. I was dying to give it to her, but she didn’t want her present until her actual birthday, so I waited until that morning. Before waking up the boys for school, I gave her her present. I also got her a funny card! She opened it up and was quite pleased at what I had gotten her. I told her that it was for the house and it would make things easier. She later told her that it meant a lot to her than just being a convenience. She used it that morning when we left and has used it several more times!

She came home that evening and we had a cake waiting for her. Ethan was quite excited about the cake. I had him wait in the kitchen while I went out to meet Sylvia. I told Sylvia to act surprised when we went in. Ethan LOVES birthdays, not just his own, anyone’s birthday. We walked in and he had  hidden the cake. He then picked it up and said, “We got you a cake for  your birthday!” Sylvia made over the cake and acted all surprised. After dinner we lit a candle on the cake, turned out the lights and sung Sylvia “Happy Birthday!” We all then enjoyed a piece of the cake!


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