I have started doing some work from home on the computer and have been working off of the bed with a printer on a small stand. It is not easy on your back and since I scan a LOT of things to do this work I am back and forth between the bed and the printer. Sylvia suggested I get a desk and we have been looking for one. We had seen one at Target that we liked but hadn’t purchased yet. We wanted to measure the space and see if the desk would fit first. We were out and about and near a different Target we stopped there to  buy the desk. We we saw a different desk that we liked even better and bought it on Saturday night!

We knew it would be interesting to put this thing together and considered it another relationship test. Could we get through this without arguing?? We opened up the box to a ton of pieces and lots of screws! The directions were pretty straight forward and the majority of the pieces had letters so we could identify which piece we needed for each step.

It took us about 90 minutes but we got it all done but the drawers. We finished the drawers later after dinner. They were a bit of a challenge, but we managed. I made most of the mistakes, but Sylvia was there to help me fix them. When it was all said and done the desk looks GREAT and I have a new place to work. I am very excited about it and excited that Sylvia and I worked so well together!!


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