Sylvia and my mom met last night. My mom was in town for the day to see Ethan in a program. She then took him and my niece to a movie! Later we all met up for dinner and that is when she met Sylvia. I was not there when she actually first met my mom. Sylvia and I didn’t arrive together because we both had errands to run during the day. My mom was with the kids and my brother so Sylvia knew it was them when she saw them at the restaurant. I arrived shortly after.

I think it went well. Sylvia and I sat near each other and I would put my arm around her. My mom and her made small talk. It was good that there were seven of us all there. It made it easier for us all chat and it not seem awkward. That first meeting is always the hardest. I am glad it is over with and it should make the next time we meet go even better. Now we just have my dad and his family for Sylvia to meet.


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