In just a few weeks, Sylvia will be traveling out of the country to see her family. She will be gone for a week! We have not been separated for more than a few days since we started dating back in October. Even then, we were no more than a few hours apart. Now she will be a whole continent away from me with an ocean between us. I may even haveto  travel for two nights before she leaves!

I know we will get through this and it is not the end of the world, but it will be hard. When she comes back, I’ll be off of work for a week with spring break so that will be nice. I also get to take her to and pick her up from the airport!! 

Ethan is not real pleased with the idea of her being gone for a week. He still asks, “When is Sylvia going to be home?” She is part of our family now, and I am hoping when she returns we can start doing what we need to so she can move in.  I will miss her very much for the week she is gone and will look forward to her return.  She has said she will call and we have email too! It won’t be too bad, will it? I guess y’all will find out right along with me when she leaves!!


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