Communication is the key to any good relationship! Sylvia and I are good communicators and I think this has helped us keep our relationship strong. She doesn’t like to watch as much TV as I do, so I turn the TV off when she is here and we use our time differently. We may be working on our computers, but we are also talking and sharing things as we work. There are a few shows she likes and she will watch them with me.  She also has that crush on Nanny Jo on Supernanny so that is definitely one she likes to watch with me!

We stay in touch throughout the day with texts and phone calls when we can. We love to lay in bed in the evening and chat, as well as on weekend mornings! We never seem to run out of things to talk about! We have never had a real true argument. We have had some differences of opinion, and have worked through those differences. We truly make time for each other and turn on our listening so we truly hear each other.  This is one of the nicest parts of our relationship!


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