Last week I insisted that Sylvia go to the doctor after battling a cold for well over a week. She relented and went in. She did indeed have an upper respiratory infection and got on some medication. This week it was my turn. On Tuesday, my back really started hurting me. I figured I had just strained it. By Wednesday morning it was really hurting. I went into work because I had an important meeting. Sylvia didn’t like the idea of me going to work and wanted me to go to the doctor. After being in a lot of pain, I decided to take her advice and go in. I took a half a day off work and headed to the doctor. Turns out I have a pretty bad urinary tract infection. The doctor gave me antibiotics and told me to drink plenty of liquids. I texted Sylvia and let her know and she was SO glad that I had gone into the doctor.

 I came home and did a few things. I then crashed for about an hour before picking up the boys for an orthodontic appointment. I am so glad that Sylvia looked out for me and pushed that I go to the doctor. Sometimes we really just need someone to just give us a little push to take care of ourselves. I am so happy that Sylvia and I are both good at taking care of each other. We are such a good fit.


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