Last night as I was getting Ethan ready for bed, I asked him if he wanted to tell Sylvia good night. He said he did and off he went to the kitchen to see Sylvia. He walked up to her and I expected him to give her a hug and say good night like he had done before. Some nights it is just a good night and no hug. Well, he walked up to Sylvia and leaned in, so I am thinking, OH he will give her a kiss on the cheek….well he then tilted in and gave her a sweet little kiss on the mouth. Sylvia was as surprised as I was!!! He said good night and then went back to his room. I tucked him in and that was that. I came back into the kitchen to a stunned Sylvia who said, “you could have warned him” with a grin. I replied with, “well I didn’t tell him to give you a kiss good night, I just asked him if he wanted to tell you good night.”

I really do think both boys truly like Sylvia. Jack does come out and eat dinner with us. He will even take Sylvia’s side or she takes his side in a discussion and gang up on me!! Not on anything major, just in every day discussions. Both Sylvia and I helped Jack with something from school last night. Ethan asks  where Sylvia is if she isn’t here. I think Sylvia has been good for all of us!!!


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