I am still  learning a lot about Sylvia and her personality. We still get along very well and of course, I just love her so much! However, we both have different personalities and at some point we may have a difference of opinion. When she is stressed, I want to try to make things easier for her and I generally use humor. Well, humor is not always a good choice for Sylvia. There is nothing wrong with that, but something I am still learning. Relationships can be very tricky at times. I know I can sometimes take things the wrong way and instead of talking to the person, keep it all inside, until it all comes flying out in the most inappropriate way or time. I know this about myself, so I am doing my best to be a better communicator with Sylvia and with anyone else I interact with in my life.

Sylvia always has a way of making me feel better when I am down. She knows just when I need that helping hand and I hope I am supporing her in the way she needs. We are definitely still learning a lot about each other, but it strengthens the relationship we already have!!  Relationships are always growing and developing and the people in them have to do the same. With age has come the knowledge that others don’t have to always bend to meet my needs, but that we both need to bend and meet each other somewhere in the middle. Sometimes one person needs to bend more than others depending on the situation, but that is OK. I am sure the next time the other person might bend more. If you truly love someone, then you should be willing to work out these things in a relationship. We don’t live in a bubble where nothing ever goes wrong or where the real world doesn’t intrude into our lives. We still have children, bills, work, coworkers and family(and who knows what else) to deal with in our lives. How we choose to handle these situations will determine how our relationships with our partners grows.


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