How do you handle having your family meet your girlfriend? Well, my brother and sister-in-law met Sylvia on Christmas Day when we all had dinner together. Besides my two boys these are the only members of my family that Sylvia has met. Both Sylvia and I kept their kids for two days when we got iced in and they had to go to work. Things are going well with them and that is nice. In fact, Sylvia and I hope to have my brother and his wife keep Ethan one night or afternoon so we can go out. Jack is old enough to stay home alone!

 My mom lives out-of-town and we don’t see her much, but she is coming into town this week and wants to meet Sylvia. Of course, she has been supportive but not as supportive as I like and this makes both Sylvia and I nervous about Sylvia meeting mom. My dad and his wife live in town, but we are all busy people and so there just hasn’t been a chance for them to meet.

I am hoping things go well and Sylvia can meet my mom. I think we are all a little nervous.  I’ll let you all know how it goes.


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