When Sylvia and I first met we corresponded by emails at first. We soon added text messaging to how we communicated before we even spoke on the phone. Texting is still one of our main ways to communicate during the day when we are both working! I can check and see how many texts I have sent each month and since meeting Sylvia I have gone well over 3,000 some months!

However, I do need to be careful while texting to be sure I am texting the CORRECT person! Over Thanksgiving break I went to see my mother. I texted and spoke to Sylvia quite a bit. We usually texted early in the morning and would send each other a morning kiss as well as discussing a morning shower and how we wish were together to shower together. Well, while at my mom’s I sent her a text that I was getting in the shower and I wish she was there with me. Several days later, when talking to my brother he says, “I just have to tell you. I think you sent me a text you didn’t mean to about taking a shower. You may want to be careful and make sure you are texting the correct person.” Now, he know I was dating Sylvia so he knew who the text was supposed to go to. Oh I just turned red on the phone and started laughing. I said, “well I guess it is a good thing I didn’t text something more personal.” He laughed and agreed.

Later when I spoke to Sylvia, I told her the story. She laughed a bit and said, “It is a good thing we don’t do sexting.” OH I totally agreed with her on that. I have tried to be more careful since then, but then accidentally texted my ex husband, “I miss you.” He replied with, “Oh looks like someone is dating again.” This is how he found out about Sylvia and thankfully, he took the news well about me switching teams.

Today I texted Sylvia, “OK thanks” by mistake when replying to a coworker. I realized my mistake and sent her this text, “Sorry, wrong person,” and then “I love you, right person.” She responded with, “Love you too, right person.” She knew what I had done!

Needless to say, I need to be more careful of who I am texting and WHAT I am texting in the message! Sylvia and I both agree on NO SEXTING and that is a good thing!!


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