Sylvia and I are iced in again today with two boys. Jack is back asleep in bed and Ethan is up watching TV. We were actually able to sleep in to about 7:15 this morning and we didn’t get out of bed until 8:00. Ethan made his own breakfast, which is always nice. He has a horrible cough though that has been hanging on for two weeks. I made an appointment with his asthma specialist for tomorrow. I am not driving anywhere today. This is our fifth snow day in eight school days, we have never had this many snow days before and I have been teaching for over 20 years.

We are staying busy on the computer and getting some work done! I have some reports to write and since I’ll miss half a day tomorrow I need to get them done! I am hoping to get a nap in this afternoon! I always like a good nap, especially on cold winter days.

I have enjoyed having these days with Sylvia. It is nice to spend some time together and not have to be rushed with work issues. She is feeling better after going to the doctor yesterday. I am hoping she will get to rest some today! Now we just have to decide what to eat for lunch!


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