So Sylvia and I are both pretty shy, not when we are together, but when we go out as a couple. We went to a lesbian dance for New Year’s Eve and she wouldn’t dance with me and after seeing the skill level of some of the women there, I wasn’t really keen on dancing. There were some line dances that I participated in though and Sylvia watched! We still had a good time, but didn’t know anyone there and so we kept to ourselves. I am decent with small talk, but not great. I am more comfortable staying home and watching a movie and I think Sylvia is a bit like that too.

However, we would like to go out and do some things and so I need some ideas! Of course, we could always go to the movies or out to eat at a restaurant. I am sure there are some gay clubs in the metropolitan area near us, but straight or gay I am not into the club scene.

My ex husband is WAY behind in child support and paying for his half of the medical bills for the kids. I won’t get into it, but he is a good guy trying his hardest, just in his 40s and trying to find a decent job. So in other words, I need to watch my money and not just go out to go out. I don’t mind spending it some of the time, but I have to be frugal. Sylvia is pretty frugal too, so at least we agree on that.

When the weather warms up, I think we will get back to walking….or at least she will and I will join her. I need to be walking. We will probably watch SUPER NANNY some more, since Sylvia likes Nanny Jo so much!(hahahaha) We might even take the Ethan to the park to play and just walk there. Jack is too OLD to want to go to the park!

I am very comfortable being with Sylvia in public and holding hands or giving her a kiss. We live in a very open society that doesn’t judge people for being gay, MOST of the time, but it only takes one jerk to ruin it. We are doing well right now in our relationship and I am not looking to make any big changes, just looking for some FUN places or ideas for a couple looking to go out without the KIDS!

Any ideas??


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