What do you find to be the qualities needed in a good relationship? I know I have certain things I am looking for:

1. trust

2. friendship

3. love

4. affection

5.good communication

6. good sense of humor

7. Sex drive

8. share some of the same beliefs–finances, raising children, morals, ect….

I mean you don’t want to date someone just like yourself, that would be boring. However, you don’t want to date someone who is so different that you never can agree on things, especially when it comes to money or children. My exhusband and I were always fighting over money(he wanted to spend what we didn’t have) and about our children. This led to cracks in our relationship. I believe that Sylvia and I will get along when it comes to these matters, or at least agree to disagree about some things. I am sure we will encounter bumps in the road as they say, but so far things are going well.

So what do qualities are you looking for in a partner?


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