It’s so nice to have someone in your life to share things with. I have come to depend on Sylvia to keep me sane at times, especially when it comes to things at work and with my children. Just having someone to talk to, who holds your hands or holds you as you cry is such a nice thing. It is something that I am not used to. During the last few years of my marriage, my husband was not there to support me or we disagreed on things with our kids.

Sylvia has been this ray of light that has come into my life. She gives advice and waits to let me decide if I will take it. She supports me when I do make a decision or if I am in doubt about a decision I have made. She soothes my soul. Be it a man or a woman, I think we all need this in a partner. I am so glad I have found this with Sylvia. When she is having a rough time, I am there to support her, hold her hand or hold her as she cries. I feel so safe with her and I know she feels the same with me.

My youngest son is a handful to say the least and Sylvia has been such a support for me with him. She has never been critical of how I handle him, but does give me ideas on how to handle different situations with him. She just steps in and is there, even if she doesn’t do much right then, she is there. She hasn’t run away or said, “not my problem.” Last night I was really frustrated with him and just couldn’t see that things were ever going to get better. She let me cry and just talk. She then suggested I go to bed and made me take care of myself. I haven’t had anyone take care of me in a long time….someone who just put me first for a short while. I don’t need to be taken care of all the time, but it’s so nice to have this when I do need it.

Sylvia and I are home today. My kids have no school due to ice and even though my school district where I work is open, I had to take the day off. The ice here is pretty bad. Poor Sylvia is sick! She is back in bed and today is a day I get to be there for her and take care of her. She was not feeling well yesterday and stayed in bed quite a bit, after driving me and my kids around in the ice for a time. Today she is really sick! I also have a niece and a nephew(baby) over since the daycare is closed and their parents have to work. I just checked on Sylvia and she is sleeping. Hoping she feels better soon, but so glad she is here so I can take care of her. Otherwise she would be at her home all alone with on one to take care of her. I think it is so nice that both Sylvia and I take care of each other when needed!!!


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