So what do you do when you and your partner are both experiencing PMS at the same time and then have your periods at the same time?? Good question?? I wish I knew the answer. It only took two months for Sylvia and I to get synchronized with our periods. We started off a week apart, then just three days apart and then by the next month, we were one hour apart.

This month we started having our PMS symptoms about a week ago. We both can be a little more “touchy” during this time. My stomach also tends to get upset for a few days. Well this morning, Sylvia told me she felt like her period was about ready to begin. I commented that this would be two days early! She suggested I pack some supplies just to be on the safe side, so I did. Well, right after lunch my period arrived, but so far Sylvia’s has not. She had the symptoms but I was the one who started first! That is one nice thing to come of this, but then it sucks that we can be over emotional or just on edge at the same time. At least we understand what the other is going through, which is something a man could never understand.

For now, Sylvia and I are doing OK during this time of the month. We know when we may have PMS symptoms and when our periods should be arriving. We know we need to be a little extra careful NOT to take too much personally during this time but to also try NOT to have too much of an attitude towards each other. We just know we need to be aware of “this time of the month.”

How do you and your partner handle that time of the month??

Oh and Sylvia’s period arrived later in the evening….we are still in synch!


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